Communicate for Success

Communicate for Success

The four enablers of engagement are underpinned by effective employee communications.

Strategic Narrative

  • articulating the purpose and strategic direction of the organisation
  • creating a strong emotional connection and reasons to believe in the brand
  • providing a clear line of sight to business priorities and local relevance

Engaging Managers

  • engaging managers to take responsibility for engaging others
  • building managers confidence to facilitate adult-to-adult conversations
  • keeping managers informed in the bigger picture

Employee Voice

  • creating platforms for dialogue and feedback at a team, functional and business level
  • listening, demonstrating employees’ opinions counts and their contribution matters
  • connecting communities of practice to promote knowledge share and collaboration


  • building trust through honest, authentic communications
  • closing the gap between what an organisation says and what it does
  • taking action and follow-through on feedback

This task-to-completion Thought and Action Group will:

  • Garner insights from experienced practitioners, consultants and academics in the area of employee communications to make the link between employee communications and the four enablers of engagement
  • Meet 6 times per year and collaborate between meetings.
  • Build on findings on phase 1 research “Communicating for Success” and follow-up with phase 2 with line-manager sample
  • Explore the issues and differences in effective communications within different organisations
  • Explore the opportunities of technologies and social media platforms to improve employee communications
  • Create a dedicated discussion group on Linkedin
  • Promote case studies on EFS website
  • Publish a white paper and organise an industry event to share findings

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