East of England

In the East of England our group EngageEast supports the Engage for Success movement by involving the public, private and third sector organisations to connect and learn from each other.  Our mission is to:

“Increase engagement across businesses and their employees in the East of England”

Through our network, our objectives are to;

  • increase the awareness and importance of employee engagement
  • share great ideas to inspire individuals and organisations to take action in promoting effective employee engagement
  • facilitate requests for help, and supporting companies with the practical tools and ideas that they need to independently take action
  • building connections to increase engagement by growing the audience across the region

Our key areas of interest

All our activities are aligned and support the Engage for Success topic groups to further debate, form conclusions, develop resources and tools and promote action across a range of areas. Specifically we will focus on the following streams:-

  • The Vision, and the reality – what employee engagement is and what it isn’t; the science of engagement; what the future holds
  • Best Practices – across a range of areas including but not limited to wellbeing, performance management, leadership, inclusion & fairness, mobility, succession planning
  • Making it happen – social media and digital engagement, communications & culture, measurement

How our group works

Our group covers the East of England. This comprises of three regional areas which are then split into further counties as follows: –

  • East Anglia (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk),
  • Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire (Luton, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire) and
  • Essex (Southend-on-Sea, Thurrock, Essex).

We operate with a chair, vice-chair and champions at a regional and county level, and are supported by a steering committee. This group plans the direction and activities and meets regularly to ensure the group delivers on its objectives and drives meaningful metrics by which to track progress. We will maintain close links with the Engage for Success Movement including active communication with other regional Engage for Success groups.
We have no restrictions on members of the group – business practitioners, consultants and academics.

Keeping Engaged!

To find out more or to reserve a place at our next event please email EngageEast@cofinitive.com