Employee Engagement in Passenger Transport

The aim of this group is to create best practice that all areas of the passenger transport industry could use to increase employee engagement and ultimately improve customer experience.

Our initial lines of enquiry are:

  • The link between engaged employees and great customer service
  • How to engage people who work very unsocial hours
  • How engagement can work for people who have little contact with their line
  • What makes engagement work when there is a safety-first culture
  • Communicating effectively with non-office based teams
  • Engaging teams where there is vast disparity between salaries
  • Engagement in a heavily unionised business
  • How the industry brings to life the four enablers of engagement

We are looking for researchers/ academics with experience of the passenger transport industry (road, rail, sea, air) together with practitioners from each sector of the industry to meet four times a year and discuss the above topics and what changes are necessary for improvement.

This Group is led by Graham Frost. Join this Group by contacting graham@grahamfrost.com 07766 916317