Employee Engagement Measurement & Analysis using NPS

Employee Engagement Measurement and Analysis using NPS

Landmark Consulting believe that eNPS* (employee Net Promoter Score*) could be used to help Engage for Success  achieve its objective of raising the profile of Employee Engagement, in much the same way that NPS* (Net Promoter Score*) has done with customer centricity. The real value of a NPS* programme is provided by the customer verbatims captured with the headline scores. These verbatims however are often difficult to interpret and aggregate to inform action. So we are keen explore a potentially effective alternative approach for use with eNPS*, an approach with which we have many years of experience. If successful this approach can be used to develop detailed Employee Engagement strategies and action plans.

The aim of this Group is to test the above methodology that has proved effective in other contexts.

If successful, the research will provide organisations with:

  1. Priority actions for improving their own Employee Engagement.
  2. Benchmark data for comparisons within their own organisations, across group companies, as well as for comparison with other organisations within the same and other sectors and geographies, etc.
  3. An understanding of the important drivers of employee engagement for different employee groups.

The research has been running since mid 2013 and a number of organisations and engagement experts are helping us to test the approach.

We are still looking for more organisations to take part, so please get in touch!

This Group is led by Eamonn Murray. Join this Group by emailing eamonn.murray@landmarkconsulting.co.uk.

* “Net Promoter”, “Net Promoter Score” and “NPS” are trademarks of Fred Reichheld, Bain & Co and Satmetrix.