Wellbeing Thought and Action Group

The Wellbeing Thought and Action Group aims to drive the debate about the clear link between wellbeing, whether mental or physical, and employee engagement.

We were formed in August 2013 to build on the paper Why Wellbeing Matters: Sustaining Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

In May 2014, under  Wendy Cartwright’s chair, we published a whitepaper called Wellbeing and Employee Engagement: The Evidence

In 2015, chaired by Hannah McNicholl, the group developed a practical web tool that identifies the key trends likely to affect wellbeing and engagement in the future; highlighting the questions that organisations should ask themselves to ensure they are able to successfully manage these impacts. In November 2015 we launched a beta version of the Future of Wellbeing and Engagement Tool

Having progressed the work of the group, in December 2015 Hannah handed the chair to David Crossman. David is currently overseeing the work of the Group as we seek to extend peoples interest in employee engagement and wellbeing, the benefits this can bring for organisations and how peoples working lives can be improved.

You can see more content from the Wellbeing TAG here.

To find out more or join this group please email wellbeing@engageforsuccess.org

The Future of Wellbeing and Engagement Tool