What a Difference a Decade Makes 

Almost ten years ago, on 29 March 2011, Engage For Success was ‘born’ when Prime Minister, David Cameron, gave his backing to the new independent Employee Engagement Task Force during a launch event at 10 Downing Street.

A lot has happened since then and, against the backdrop of a pandemic, we probably all agree that employee engagement is more important than ever.

In March 2021 we will kick-off a series of events and campaigns celebrating our ten year anniversary of inspiring people and workplaces to thrive. ‘10 Years On’ is our opportunity to look back on what we’ve achieved in the last ten years and together, as the volunteers that make up Engage for Success, set the agenda for the next ten. Shining a light on good practice and sharing the message that there is a better way to work.

Our campaign logo, developed by Helena Lawrence, who has supported EFS brand development since the early years, celebrates what we have achieved since the inception of EFS. It also depicts all that work that our volunteers and supporters need to keep doing so that we can establish a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams, and whole organisations. The logo and ‘10 Years On’ strapline illustrate how we aim to use this milestone to build on the work of the last decade and help us explore the engagement agenda for the coming ten years.

We want your help in shaping how this year can be a catalyst for Engage for Success and to use the anniversary to help you create connections, share good practice and contribute to the thinking and discussion around engagement.

Creating momentum through a movement is all about the people. Our commemorative logo celebrates you – our volunteers – and the creativity, energy and commitment you bring to developing great practice in employee engagement. So we hope you are inspired to use the ‘10 Years On’ campaign as an umbrella to support the work you are doing.

We would love it if you’d like to :

  • Write a blog for the new EFS website (going live later this month)
  • Deliver a ‘10 Years On’ event / webinar or include the theme in more general EFS events
  • Write a ‘10 Years On’ LinkedIn post
  • Whatever you decide to do please make the most of the branding and share what you’re doing across EFS and your networks using the #EFS10YearsOn hashtag.

To get access to the branding please go to https://engageforsuccess.org/10YearsOn

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