29th March 2018


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2018 Conference: Putting People at the Heart of Business

22 March 2018 we held our most recent conference, and what a day it was!

If you weren’t there (and why not?!), you can get a flavour for the day in this video and via the slides.

Putting People at the Heart of Business Conference Video from Engage for Success on Vimeo.


The Slides from the Conferencepeople at the heart of business

Sir Eric Peacock at the EFS People at the Heart of Business Conference 2018 from Engage for Success on Vimeo.

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“Steal with pride, adapt with glee, pragmatically implement,” says Sir Eric Peacock

“Culture doesn’t only eat strategy for breakfast… it also builds a brand,” says Anna Malmhake, CEO of Absolut


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Why placing ‘People at the Heart of Business’ is vital for success in the future of work

Set against a back-drop of endless Brexit negotiations, and ongoing economic challenge, the 2018 Engage for Success conference provided refreshing perspective and reason for hope. ‘People at the heart of business’ could, at face value, appear to be a bold assertion, but as a range of keynote speakers, including business leaders and CEOs, told stories […]

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