This Group is working to understand what gets in the way of engagement happening. With such a compelling business case, why is it that 2 out of 3 people at work are not actively engaged?

Work is currently focussed on understanding the perspectives of CEOs and other top leaders on the topic. Engage for Success & Ashridge Business School have been investigating the barriers to engagement amongst business leaders, and published Engagement through CEO eyes in January 2013. The research looks at employee engagement through CEO eyes, and the impact that leadership has on engagement.

EFS held a webinar on April 17th 2013 to discuss the research. Through the course of the webinar  Nigel Carruthers of the LGA gave some great real world experience of the barriers to engagement experience in local government, and some of the solutions employed. Then Bob Hughes, MD Europe and Global Chairman of the Forton Group, gave a brief overview of the research. We then had some great questions to the panel, which included Nita Clarke and David MacLeod.

You can listen to the Engage for Success masterclass on the Barriers to Engagement in our Radio Archive.

This Group is chaired by Sharon Olivier, a member of the Ashridge Business School faculty.

Please contact the Group Co-ordinator Victoria Hatton for more details by emailing barriers@engageforsuccess.org

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