Case Study: Leadership and Worker Involvement on the Olympic Park 

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This Institute for Employment Studies report ‘Leadership and Worker Involvement on the Olympic Park’ into the award winning health and safety programme at London 2012 clearly demonstrates the positive outcomes of creating an engaging work place and working culture.

The report highlights the strong presence of a very evident and shared vision both for the Olympic Games and also for the health and safety of the whole construction programme (Strong Strategic Narrative).

In addition there was real, collective ownership and say at every level in delivering the health and safety vision where any individual was empowered and encouraged to stop unsafe practices (Employee Voice and Engaging Managers).

Finally the focus on and desire to not only deliver a fantastic Olympic Games, but also to do it in the right way was a core value, driven deep into how everything got done (Integrity).

We couldn’t find a better case study of great engagement, showing the basic engagement ‘recipe’ – the employee engagement four enablers – in action and demonstrating the resulting outcomes, if we tried.

We hope you enjoy the paper. Here’s the link again: Leadership and Worker Involvement on the Olympic Park

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