Civil Service People Survey: 2017 Results 

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The 9th annual Civil Service People Survey was conducted across 98 Civil Service organisations, including government departments, executive agencies and Crown non-departmental public bodies.

The fieldwork for the survey ran from 2 to 31 October, with 97% participating online and 3% completing paper questionnaires. 294,905 people participated in the survey, an overall response rate of 67%. Across the 98 participating organisations the median response rate was 80%.

The benchmark report shows results from the Civil Service People Survey from 2009 to 2017. The benchmark for a survey measure is the median (mid-point) score of all participating organisations. The questions are used to generate 10 headline indicators; 1 to measure the levels of employee engagement and 9 to measure the factors which influence engagement.

You can access the reports, benchmark scores and survey detail here.

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