Training managers to use mystery shopping effectively 

A real life example provided by Grass Roots UK Ltd

The Company

A leading house building brand, the organisation’s simple philosophy is that their people, whether they are land buyers, site managers or marketing staff, deliver their very best at all stages of the business.

To support this approach, the management team, launched a ‘show room’ measurement programme, using mystery shopping. The aim was to develop a deeper insight into the real customer experience, to highlight best practice and identify areas where site managers and their teams could improve their performance.

Shoppers were drawn from the Grass Roots panel and selected to match the profile of the typical home buyer relevant to this organisation.

Appropriate interpretation and action in response to this fresh insight would be critical to realise a return on the investment. With refreshing candor, the management team at this company recognised it was vital that Regional Managers had the skills and confidence to interpret the shopper reports and then coach their teams in a constructive and action focused manner.

The Solution

In parallel to the roll out of the mystery shopping, the learning arm of Grass Roots created and delivered an engaging training event to skill the Regional Managers in how to improve business performance using the mystery shopping reports.

The specific learning objectives were:

  • Explain the purpose of a mystery shopping programme
  • Interpret mystery shopping reports accurately and intelligently
  • Feedback report results to staff in a positive way
  • Coach staff so that they take ownership for actions
  • List the actions needed to ensure a smooth launch in their region

In a nutshell, the learning experience was focused on wrapping up soft skills with hard data to produce performance improvement.


The learning was delivered in four one day sessions for all Regional Managers and selected personnel.

Structure, pace and an interactive delivery style, along with fully tested content, ensured the sessions were lively and engaging.

Feedback via the post event questionnaire was overwhelmingly positive and typified by the following quotes:

“ Having been given a framework to work with, I now need to practice the language required to deliver this in a positive way to my staff”.

“I was against mystery shopping before this course. I can now see the benefits as long as the preparation is done with the sales advisors and good feedback is given.”

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