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A key pressure facing many organisations is communicating with and engaging a remote workforce. We have an ever increasing number of remote, regional, hard to reach workers in our organisations who require new communication channels and approaches in order to be engaged. This toolkit aims to share best practice and learning, to highlight the most […]

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Not for Profit Toolkit

The Not for Profit Thought and Action Group, chaired by Martyn Dicker, has been exploring employee engagement in the sector for three years and have produced a not-for-profit sector employee engagement toolkit. The toolkit shares the findings of research involving over 40 organisations exploring engagement beyond the mission of the organisation, along with best practice […]

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How to Engage Employees During the Recruitment Process Companies understand that employee engagement has an impact on their business, but the majority of today’s employees are not engaged at their work. Only 30% of employees described themselves as highly engaged in a recent Gallup report. The other 70% are either neutral or “actively disengaged”—willing to jump ship […]

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