City Challenge

City Challenge

What’s your city or county best known for? Its vibrant night life, its shopping opportunities, its tourist attractions, its cultural heritage, its cheese, its cakes, its sporting prowess and success?

What if it were known as a great place to work? Not because of ease of transport, or broadband connection, or green parks and cheap gym membership. But because whatever organisation you work for in your city, managers and team leaders really value their people as their best asset, and have thought through what it means to manage employees in the most engaging way they can within their sector of business.

What’s stopping you from making that happen in your city or town? Could you get together with others to make that happen? What would you need?

How could you get other organisations to commit to make working in your city better/ the best place to work?

Who could you involve?

  • Your local council?
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce?
  • Local unions?
  • Local Jobcentre?
  • Local enterprise initiative?
  • Managers of local big retail stores, banks?
  • Local business school/ training institutions/ virtual learning


What would you focus on? E.g. best managers, increased productivity, lowest sick absence, most fun, most employees involved in decisions

  • What could you offer together?
  • How would you advertise?
  • How could you make best use of social media/ local media? Can you get media buy-in to a local campaign to improve working life?
  • What about a local accreditation scheme?
  • Could you build a business case mirroring the EFS evidence paper using local stats?
  • What could you learn from how other organisations run campaigns and recruit and attract volunteers, or how other regions promote themselves in terms of business, tourism, local economy?

How could we help you? Email info@engageforsuccess.org to talk more about your ideas.

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