Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Engagement on Sustainability (including Supply Chains)

‘Sustainability’ is the term used here to describe a range of activities undertaken by organisations in relation to management of their social and environmental impacts (beyond legal compliance). It covers initiatives that can variously be termed corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship and HSE management (among others). It is particularly relevant to engagement, not only because of its alignment with organisational integrity but also because of its link to strategic narrative and the purpose of an organisation.

The TAG will explore sustainability and engagement, considering the impact of both organisational and individual motivations e.g. green initiatives, technology, charities etc through:

  • Assessment of current research
  • Collaboration with current EFS TAGS
  • Review of current sustainability models and their link into the Four Enablers
  • Assessing the evidence on the models ‘engagement constructs’
  • Interviewing organisations in different sectors covering a range of attitudes and approaches to engagement and sustainability

Output from the work will include Industry forum presentations, white papers and Client user group forum and the longer-term opportunity to develop and deploy tools to measure progress with engagement will be assessed.

The work will be underpinned by the notion that high performing resilient organisations operate in healthy environments through resilient people where engagement is the engine of innovation, allowing organisations to create and deploy new ideas through collaboration to generate new opportunities and thereby make a positive contribution to the management of environmental and social issues

Next steps include meeting with interested stakeholders and devising the overall programme plan.

The group is co-chaired by Paul Pritchard, who has been a fellow at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership; or Kevin Hard Development Director at RM OCAID and founder of the Leadership Academy at the National Centre for Strategic Leadership.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email paul.pritchard@rmocaid.com or kevin.hard@rmocaid.com

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