Research Group

The purpose of this activity group is to initiate and conduct research studies into the influence of cross cultural differences in employee engagement.

National cultures differ along the Individualism – Collectivism continuum. Engagement models differ, but all include an emphasis on treating people as individuals, rather than treating everyone as the same. Engage for Success wants to explore whether elements of individualisation (e.g. empowerment, recognition), exhibit similar or different dynamics in relation to Employee Engagement in regions with a different national culture.

Strategy Group

The purpose of this group is to build an accessible ‘resource bank’ of good practice and case studies that demonstrate ways to develop and implement strategy across cultures, by fully engaging employees, to achieve greater business success.

Do you and your company want to be as seen a leading inspiration to other organisations by showcasing your story and success?

We are looking for great examples from organisations that have successfully delivered strategic change across cultures.

This is an opportunity to share your success, be profiled as an engaging organisation and help others to benefit from best practice in cross-cultural engagement. In return, you will receive the full research findings and therefore valuable insights and proven best practice to share with your team and organisation.

Knowledge Bank Group

The purpose of this activity group is to collect and update content to be shared for the practical use of practitioners.

The group has initiated a translation project to identify the conceptual equivalents of Employee Engagement in other cultures. Read the latest translations and related comments

Discovery Workshop Group

The purpose of this group is to run the project ‘Discovery Workshop’ that aims at collecting transcripts of facilitated sessions with employees from organisations around the world about what engages people in other cultures. This group has been working on this project since 2013 and has already collected transcripts of workshops from a number of countries.

To participate in the Discovery Workshop project, please download our reporting template or email us at discoveryworkshop@engageforsuccess.org

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