Improve Employee Engagement in Different Cultural Settings 

Are you an engagement practitioner of a large organisation with lots of staff working in different parts of the world?

Would you and your organisation be willing to participate in research by the Engage for Success Cross Cultures Group to help explore how culture influences engagement?

National cultures differ along the Individualism – Collectivism continuum. Engagement models differ, but all include an emphasis on treating people as individuals, rather than treating everyone as the same.

Engage for Success wants to explore whether elements of individualisation (e.g. empowerment, recognition), exhibit similar or different dynamics in relation to Employee Engagement in regions with national cultures that differ along the Individualism – Collectivism continuum.

We are looking for 3-5 organisations with thousands of staff in at least two distinct regions (on the one hand High Individualism such as North America or Western Europe, and on the other hand High Collectivism such as Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America).

We would like access to data from at least two Employee Engagement surveys (with consistent question sets), with results reported at a local level (e.g. team, department, office, branch, plant).

We will of course ensure that confidentiality and data protection are properly addressed from the start (we’ll make it easy for you).

As a result of our research we want to identify Best Practices for practitioners, supported by case studies, to help them improve their engagement practice.

Engage for Success is a movement supported by volunteers and is known for studies that provide solid evidence about how employee engagement drives performance and productivity to achieve growth. The Cross Cultures research project is endorsed by Executive Director Cathy Brown and founders David MacLeod and Nita Clarke.

Email Adina Luca at crosscultures@engageforsuccess.org for further information.

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