Special Guest: Beth Stallwood, Head of Colleague Talent and Engagement, Lawn Tennis Association

With a mission to get more people playing tennis, more often, the last 18 months has seen the LTA launch a new strategy and a set of values at the heart of ‘how we do things around here’. The LTA has taken colleagues beyond the fanfare and bunting of a launch, with the goal of embedding behaviours in everything they do.

Colleague engagement is key to delivering the strategy as the organisation implements its ambitious plans. The LTA has a diverse workforce ranging from the sports experts (the tracksuits) to those in corporate professions (the suits) and with almost 60% of employees being Gen Y / Millennial there are a range of aspects and styles to consider.

Join us as Beth explains the first year of their journey towards embedding values and how they have utilised employee engagement to help make great things happen.

With experience in people development roles in financial services and the public sector, as Olympic fever started to heat up, Beth headed to the world of sports to British Tennis in 2010. As Head of Colleague Talent & Development, Beth leads on recruitment, training, talent development and engagement of employees (not tennis players!). Beth is fascinated with generations at work, is passionate about facilitating colleague led action and aims to provide simple, practical solutions that engage and enable colleagues to do great work.

Host: Jo Dodds

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