Transforming Employees into Advocates 

Many brands are overlooking one of the most valuable types of advocates – their employees. Powering employees advocates is one of the best ways to leverage social channels because it expands the footprint of marketing programs. It’s also a great place to start leveraging advocates to share your brand story.

With customers turning to social media to discover new products and discuss their personal experiences with brands, it is important for brands to have a strong social media presence. Empowering employees to become brand advocates is therefore an essential part of any company’s marketing mix.

Enlisting employees to advocate on behalf of their employer is one of the best ways to take advantage of social channels because it expands the company’s social presence and allows them to have a much larger footprint than what the marketing or pr team is capable of reaching on their own. plus, these employee advocates are more trusted because they have a more personal relationship with their audience. Employees are real people who want to help other people.

Socialchorus put together a step by step ‘how-to’ guide to help companies leverage some of their most valuable resources, their employees, to help spread the brand’s message. you will learn why employee programs are important and how you can run your own program. This guide has been informed by our experience running employee advocacy programs for the world’s leading brands, thoughtful research, and interviews with innovative marketers who are leading employee advocate initiatives everyday at companies like dell, Juniper, and AT&T.

SocialChorus suggest ‘starting small’, ‘finding executive support’, ‘training employees’ and ‘rolling out company wide’ as a few of the steps needed for empowering employees to become advocates.

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