VIDEO: Bob Hughes: The new psychological contract to engage employees 

In an interview with Debbie Lovewell-Tuck, deputy editor of Employee Benefits, Bob Hughes who sits on the Engage for Success board and chairs the guru group gave his bob-hughesthoughts in regards to Employee Engagement.

He said: ”Things have changed so much in the workplace, the whole world of work is changing.

“Companies are de-layering, organisations have gotten more complex, and people don’t have the opportunity of getting rewarded from going up the ladder anymore.”

“A new contract has to come in. We have to recognise that people aren’t there for the duration, but we have to do our best to engage them and get the most out of them in the time they are working with us.

“That’s the contract on both sides: we have to make the environment work for them and in return they deliver good-quality work.”

The full article with a video can be seen here.

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