Quiz: Despicable? Me?  Has your inner supervillain hijacked your management style?

Despicable? Me?  Has your inner supervillain hijacked your management style?

Take the quiz now to find out reveal the despicable side of your management style or read on to find out how to unlock your inner superhero…

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Deep inside every supervillain is a lost or thwarted superhero.  

Exceptional conditions and circumstances have conspired to distort their characters and behaviour.  Forced to the wrong end of the spectrum, their strengths are twisted and misused, brought to bear in ways that have negative, counter-productive or even destructive impact.

But for many, the potential for good still exists, even if buried beneath layers of psychological extremity.

Super villains and super heros

Explore the inner workings of each of our five supervillains and superheros:

  • Outburst / Challenger
  • The Puppet Master / Mastermind
  • Twenty-four/seven / Dynamo
  • The Anti-Manager / The Thinker
  • Two-Face / Positive Influence

In other circumstances – or perhaps alternate dimensions – each of our supervillains has the potential to be other than the sad, aberrant results of their managerial evolution.

If only they could see themselves for what they have become and recognise the impact they have.  

If only they could choose to change their approach; to their roles and their relationships.

If they sought to improve their management style, then rather than undermining morale, sowing frustration and inhibiting their people, they could support them in realising their potential whilst contributing to organisational objectives and cultural wellbeing.

With the right intervention, they could be a force of inspiration, education, development and opportunity.  A good – maybe even great – manager.

Unlocking the inner superhero and using our powers for good

Any manager – corporate supervillain or otherwise – who believes or suspects that their management style might benefit from some proactive improvement, may wish to take action in some of the following areas, depending on their particular needs and circumstances.

  • Build stronger self-awareness to better understand your behaviour and relationships with yourself and those around you.  Seek, respect and be receptive to their feedback.
  • Elevate your emotional intelligence in order to improve your perception, understanding and management of emotions and their impact, in yourself and others.
  • Strive constantly to grow and develop as a manager, a team member and a person.  There is always new knowledge to acquire and new insights to gain.
  • Put communication at the heart of your approach and endeavour to develop and sharpen your communication and engagement skills.
  • Build, broaden and refresh your management skills, paying particular attention to your ability to motivate and delegate effectively, as well as your ability to develop others.
  • Challenge yourself to identify your personal and professional values and align your management style with what you truly believe in and stand for.
  • Seek out and engage with an appropriate coach or mentor for their wisdom and guidance.
  • Recognise and accept that transition is a natural part of change, and that the successful implementation of new and sustainable habits may require incremental goals and practice.
  • Mitigate the risk of poor behaviour by looking after yourself and boosting your resilience through the maintenance of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Fulfil your responsibility as a role model.  Cultivate and promote trust, fairness, respect and authenticity in the working environment.
  • Accept that it’s not about you.  Master your ego and shift focus to the needs and wellbeing of those around you.  Your job is to enable and empower them, not the other way around.

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Discover your inner supervillain!

Many thanks to our fantastic production team: Oliver Blackwell, Writer and EFS Volunteer; Ellie Cliftlands, Illustration and Design and Hannah Johnson, Quiz Researcher and EFS Core Team member

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