despicable me


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As children, we marvel at the comic-book villainy of our hero’s most determined foes. Glued to the twists and turns of each despicable scheme, we revel in their paradoxical appetites. Delighting in every maniacal episode. 

As adults, we huddle in the pub, sharing macabre tales of corporate caricatures. Grotesque individuals who have clawed their way to power and now manipulate our careers – our very lives – from one dark day to the next. 

Such is our revulsion at their diabolical behaviour that we comfort ourselves with this knowledge: our destiny is to become the kind of boss employees dream about. 

The kind of boss that people management awards were made for. The kind of boss… we never had. 

Many years pass. Opportunity beckons. We walk willingly into the light… And then, one day, as the intern runs tearfully from our office (again) we glare at the engagement scores for our department. So low. So very, very low… 

How could this happen? Who has betrayed us? They must be found. And punished. 

Realisation dawns as we watch coffee drip down the wall towards the smashed cup on the floor. In the window, our reflection stares accusingly. 

Staring back, one question remains: