Stakeholder Engagement Revamped 

Organizations that recognize that digital engagement is a verb – and not a noun – will be in a better place in an ever-changing environment. Today’s mobile society increasingly demands engagement tools that reflect a creative blend of ease-of-use and relevance, on the one hand, and depth and reciprocity, on the other.

Executive and management teams can build support and avoid backlash to their actions through stakeholder engagement. Not only do projects run better when people feel their input is valued, but managers and leadership teams can also gain valuable insights from others.

Fostering proactive spaces for dialogue helps unpack the wisdom and contributions of stakeholders, leading to more insightful and risk-averse decisions. Whether in market research, expert panels, employee engagement, or stakeholder consultation – new dimensions of insight and creativity are untapped when people collaborate in ideation and decision-making.

All this is conducive to better results. And needless to mention – people always dance to the tunes they are requested to choose in advance.

This Stakeholder Engagement guide is subdivided into 4 parts:

I. Considering Engagement? Why Digital Engagement Matters
II. Before Going Live: Foundations for Higher Participation Rates
III. Having Gone Live: Driving & Boosting Engagement
IV. Then What? Report, Follow Up, and Deliver

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Eduardo Sasso, ​Digital Engagement Optimizer | Ethelo Decisions
Image courtesy of Eduardo Sasso
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