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EFS Thought and Action thought pieces and White Papers

We aim to be a thought leader in the field of employee engagement. We have Thought and Action Groups looking at particular topics and sectors, with the aim of producing research and leading edge thinking to help practitioners working to raise employee engagement. We also welcome contributions direct from practitioners, academics and researchers.

Our publications by date of publication

Papers in the pipeline:

  • Communicate for success (WP)
  • Authentic Employee Engagement through integrity (WP)
  • Engagement in SMEs (WP)
  • Neuroscience and Employee Engagement (WP)
  • Fostering engagement through great leadership (WP)

To support and endorse this series of quality publications, we set up a panel of 17 experts from our Guru Group (see the panel below) who will help comment on and improve this series of papers.

The panel helps shape and sharpen commentary without stifling creativity and opinion. It includes leading academics, consultants and practitioners. For authors there is the attraction of being able to have the papers cited as an official EFS piece of work, with the published PDFs of accepted papers carrying the EFS ‘kitemark’.

We welcome ‘White Papers’

White Papers are intended to advance our understanding of engagement issues by drawing upon an evidence base. They should be based on primary or secondary research, and should be up to 10,000 words in length. These sorts of papers are intended to:

  • Be authoritative reports or guides to educate readers and help people make decisions
  • Reflect high quality and original research
  • Build on existing knowledge and research in the field
  • Informational briefs offering an overview of the issue or policy
  • Analyses of the importance, use, implementation, and business benefits of the solution
  • Proposals for action and issue solution

We welcome ‘Thought Leadership’ papers

Thought Leadership papers are intended to be more conceptual and provocative. They should be around 5,000 words in length. These sorts of papers are intended to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the phenomenon under discussion through information, insights or ideas
  • Express new and noteworthy ideas, or fresh insights into old ideas, rather than just expresses an opinion based on skilled practice
  • Educate and enlighten the reader about the likely challenges faced in a practice
  • Reflect a trusted advisor role, and not marketing of any product, service or institution
  • Make a contribution to either an existing practice or signal emerging and future trends

To submit a ‘White Paper’ or a Thought Leadership piece for publication on our website, please send your draft to Professor Paul Sparrow at: p.sparrow@lancaster.ac.uk

Once submitted, your paper will be reviewed independently. While we cannot promise we will publish the paper, you will receive comment on your paper from two experts within six to eight weeks. This feedback will provide you with guidance on any final adjustments that might be needed. Subject to this feedback, then we shall be able to publish the paper on the Engage for Success website, marked with EFS ‘kitemark’.

Engage for Success Review Board Members

  • Piers Bishop, How To Motivate
  • Nick Bruce, 360 Degree Vision
  • Fiona Cohn, Excel-erante
  • James Court-Smith, Stillae Ltd.
  • Alan Crozier, The Ghost Partnership
  • David Elverson, Deep
  • Gillian Frame, Reframes
  • Jonny Gifford, CIPD
  • Bob Hughes, The Forton Group
  • Jane Johnson, The Survey Initiative
  • Professor Clare Kelleher, Cranfield University
  • Tony Kerley, Lighthouse
  • Anne-Marie McEwan, The Smart Work Company
  • Dilys Robinson, Institute for Employment Studies
  • Steve Smith, Scancapture Ltd.
  • Professor Paul Sparrow, Centre for Performance-led HR, Lancaster University
  • Dr.Wilson Wong, CIPD
  • Professor Stephen Wood, University of Leicester

Please note that separately to this we are always happy to receive content for our website via email to content@engageforsuccess.org. Our website content isn’t ‘endorsed’ by EFS, as such. It exists to help us to further spread the word about employee engagement, to encourage discussion and collaboration and to shine a light on best practice.

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