14th October 2013


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Employee Engagement news, blogs, research and opinion: What’s appearing on the web this week? (14/10/13)

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A Simple, Science-Backed Way to Solve the Employee-Engagement ProblemFast Company
“Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook know more about employees” than their managers do. That’s Rajat Paharia, founder of Bunchball and a father of the gamification industry. Paharia’s still surprised that, while consumer giants can effectively capture streams of user data to make shopping and entertainment more compelling, C-suite executives and managers have yet to tap the power of their internal systems to keep staff whistling–or at least nodding along to Spotify playlists–while they work.

Managing absence: What can employers do to help drive down sickness ratesHR Magazine
According to accountancy firm PwC, sick days are costing UK employers around £29 billion a year, with it now accounting for nearly 90% of a company’s absence bill. The study found UK workers take a staggering average of 9.1 sick days per year, up to four times more than other global economies.Yet, if you think about yourself and people you know, so many wouldn’t consider taking a sick day as they don’t want to let themselves, their co-workers or their company down. It’s no surprise that as employees, we need a sense of self-worth – and working for a company that we feel proud of is key.

Want To Shake Up Your Corporate Culture? Try Consulting Southwest Airlines’ Proven Customer-Centric ApproachForbes
As a consultant and keynote speaker on corporate culture and customer service, I frequently hear the same concern: “People tell me my employees act differently when there aren’t any managers watching over them.” This concern is absolutely on the money. And you as a business leader should be worried about the same thing yourself. Without a consciously created culture, your business leadership won’t last past the moment that you leave the building.  Any vacation – or even lunch break – that you take is an invitation for disaster.

10 Ways to Lose Your Best EmployeesFast Company
In the course of writing The Talent Mandate, I spoke with a prominent business school professor who told me that no corporate function lags behind today so dramatically as talent. He sees improvements and innovations in every area except in the vital matter of managing people. That’s astonishing–and it’s also lunacy at a time when people costs tend to be upward of 50 percent of a company’s expenses. What could be more vital than talent to the bottom line? And yet the people in our employ continue to be neglected, taking a backseat to the various other matters that occupy our workdays.

Six social-media skills every leader needsMcKinsey Quarterly
Few domains in business and society have been untouched by the emerging social-media revolution—one that is not even a decade old. Many organizations have been responding to that new reality, realizing the power and the potential of this technology for corporate life: wikis enable more efficient virtual collaboration in cross-functional projects; internal blogs, discussion boards, and YouTube channels encourage global conversations and knowledge sharing; sophisticated viral media campaigns engage customers and create brand loyalty; next-generation products are codeveloped in open-innovation processes; and corporate leaders work on shaping their enterprise 2.0 strategy.