30th September 2013


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Employee Engagement news, blogs, research and opinion: What’s appearing on the web this week? (30/09/13)

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When Employee Engagement Becomes CounterproductiveForbes
Employee, member and even customer engagement, in theory, are wonderful for any business to focus on. But in reality, they’re practically useless – unless you’re aligning these with your organization’s purpose and strategy. The problem is that so many leaders have become so captivated by the need for engagement that they are forgetting to ask why it matters.

How Company Culture Needs to Adapt to the So-Called ‘Me, Me, Me Generation’Forbes
Recent research from EY suggests that Generation Y workers, the “Millennials,” feel “entitled” and are not seen as hardworking team players. While this research may accurately represent what some Gen Xers and baby boomers think about their younger colleagues, I don’t think it paints an accurate picture.