Punk Rock People Management 

Next week on the Engage for Success Radio Show we are interviewing Peter Cook, author of Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll, The Music of Business and Punk Rock People Management – A no-nonsense guide to hiring, inspiring and firing staff.

In ‘Punk Rock People Management’ Peter has stripped down HR to the bare essentials for busy people and those who are sick of HR jargon getting in the way of running a business.

He says that Punk Rock HR is about three things that are desperately needed in the HR profession: Simplicity, Brevity and Authenticity. Peter says that, just like a punk rock song, keep it simple, keep it brief and keep it real.

In the punk spirit, each chapter is very short, so you can read one in less time than it takes to pogo to a Sex Pistols or Linkin Park song!

Join us to hear more about Peter’s views on HR and engagement coupled with references to music (every chance he gets!). The show is live here at 4pm on Monday 29 July or on the archive.

Peter has kindly given us a chapter from Punk Rock People Management to share here. It’s entitled Appraisal – Ever Fallen in Love?

Find out more at: http://www.academy-of-rock.co.uk/punk-rock-hr

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