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Connect, Then LeadHarvard Business Review
Is it better to be loved or feared? Niccolò Machiavelli pondered that timeless conundrum 500 years ago and hedged his bets. “It may be answered that one should wish to be both,” he acknowledged, “but because it is difficult to unite them in one person, it is much safer to be feared than loved.” Now behavioural science is weighing in with research showing that Machiavelli had it partly right: When we judge others—especially our leaders—we look first at two characteristics: how lovable they are (their warmth, communion, or trustworthiness) and how fearsome they are (their strength, agency, or competence). Although there is some disagreement about the proper labels for the traits, researchers agree that they are the two primary dimensions of social judgement.

Working from Home: A Work in ProgressHarvard Business Review
It’s now been about six weeks since all Yahoo! employees had to start showing up at the Internet giant’s offices every day. The company-confidential but widely circulated memo that banned telecommuting stressed the importance of physical proximity for preserving the creative culture that new CEO Marissa Mayer had been trying to build. Many commentators criticized Mayer for limiting her employees’ autonomy and signaling that she didn’t trust them. Whatever the intention — and ultimate effects — of Mayer’s new rule, it sparked fiery debates about the merits and drawbacks of the upward trend in working from home. New data that we recently collected add fuel to the flames.

Figuring Out the Secret To Keeping Employees MotivatedCultureEffect
Those that know me will know that I have a ‘thing’ for luggage. I’ve travelled over two million miles in the last decade and learned the value of good packing & good luggage long ago. I also have a passion for learning about what makes companies resonate with others – and have collected a substantial list of behaviours and attributes that seem to work for most. Red Oxx is a company based out of Montana which fulfils all those criteria for me, and I recently discovered this news segment in which their CEO Jim Markel explains how employee engagement creates committed employees who get involved with company growth. (Click here to see the video).


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