Engage for (Career) Success

Engage for (Career) Success

Our purpose is to invite you to learn more about employee engagement as part of your career development plans. We also invite you to consider the positive impact that implementing employee engagement strategies at work can have on your personal career advancement.

Don’t get us wrong – if you attempt to engage employees with the single motivation of enhancing your own career, people will smell that a mile off and the results won’t be pretty.  We are instead highlighting the additional benefits that are a natural byproduct of leading projects and people with genuine engagement top of mind.

On this page you will find a selection of resources to support your exploration of the links between employee engagement and career acceleration. We include practical guidance on steps you can take in your career immediately to move you from inspiration into action.  We also include resources for including this topic in meetings at your place of work or a networking group to to get the discussion going with others that may be interested.

Engage for (Career) Success Masterclass

In this online masterclass we explore:

    • What it means to engage our teams.
    • Why this is so important right now​​.
    • What can happen when we get this right.
    • 4 practical steps you can implement immediately in your career.

Case Study

In this case study we are shown data that backs up the notion of employee engagement also enhancing your career. Specifically it shows managers of the most engaged teams being 40-50% more likely to be rated ‘exceeding expectations’ during their performance reviews and as a result are 20-30% more likely to be promoted the following year.


At your next meeting – why not discuss the engage for (career) success topic?
Engage in discussion of these topics at your place of work using these slides. You can use them as a template and adapt them for your context and circumstance – they include notes. Just update with your own stories and examples and you are good to go!

If facilitation is not your favourite thing or you would simply value outside input, then consider asking one of the TAG group members to run a meeting on this topic for you – contacts below.

Engage for Career Success – Event Template Slides

Get In Touch with the engage for (career) success group members:

Ali Godding

James Court-Smith

George Koulouris (currently on leave)

Engage for Success Radio Show:  Employee Engagement to Improve Personal Career Opportunities
Can’t get enough of this topic?  Then feel free to listen to this vibrant episode of our radio show where Jo Moffatt and Ali Godding talk about:
  • How engaging your employees can lead to pay rises and promotions
  • Why it can pay dividends to invest in your own executive coach and other professional development
  • How early in our life our career preferences can be formed
  • The roots of the Engage for Success movement
  • Case study showing the link between engaging your team and higher performance ratings
  • Where you can learn more and get involved

For questions email ali@engageforsuccess.org

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