Innovation Month: Employee Engagement news, blogs, research and opinion. (02/12/13) 

Welcome to the employee engagement news roundup, your resource for news, blogs, research and insight into all things employee engagement. Tis the season to be jolly or in our case innovative as we focus on innovation and employee engagement over the festive period.

While we continue to shine a light on the great work being done by the Engage For Success Project Sub Groups why not peruse some of these great articles on the subject of innovation and employee engagement?

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Employee Engagement: How to Encourage Innovation10 Minute Management Toolkit
I’ve recently been working with a group of managers who are finding it difficult to encourage their staff to evaluate their working processes and methods in order to generate ideas for improvement (asking the question ‘what improvements can you think of?’ was getting them nowhere fast!). Although they weren’t specifically focusing on improving employee engagement they had realised that not only would involving their staff improve the processes and methods but also improve job satisfaction.

Build employee engagement through a culture of innovationHR Magazine
Building a culture of innovation is the hot topic at the moment and alongside how to drive growth is the stuff that’s keeping CEO’s up at night. Getting the strategic execution right for these business essential components is imperative but they are often looked at as mutually exclusive. Having a culture of innovation is finally being seen as a fundamental imperative to success and a key contributor to market differentiation and growth.

Innovation through employee engagementDeccan Herald
Co-creation through innovation is the new mantra in today’s business. Enterprises are looking to engage employees across the globe to efficiently create new products, services and processes. However, to realise these possibilities enterprises need to first connect their employees in a manner that will enable them to collaborate seamlessly.

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