Practitioner Event Review – Slough 12 April 2013 

Following the lovely practitioner event in Slough on 12 April, here are some photos, resources and information created on the day.

It looks like a great day with lots of action taking and momentum for the future.

This Berkshire event was kindly hosted by Liz Clayton-Jones, Mars Chocolate UK.

Here is the 4 Enablers Exercise write-up showing the outcomes that are visible when the enablers are exemplified. This was a rotation exercise with input from all contributors.

With respect to next steps, there are some key themes around buddying, mentoring, networking and keeping our community going. And here are details of the Next Steps Board – write-up including who has offered to be responsible.

As there was also a desire to share case studies, here is the Leading Edge – Case Study – Mars shared by Patrick Marr from Leading Edge, our lead facilitator, on the board at the end of Friday as a ‘starter for ten’. Please let us know of any that you would like to share.


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