Special Guest: Natasha Davis

Branding is an essential component to any business in any industry. Without cohesive and effective branding the company will face many challenges. One of those key challenges will be attracting, retaining and engaging employees. A recent Ragan Survey revealed that poorly branded companies in the top 3 industries experienced high turnover rates.

Join us as we discuss the 3 most valuable types of branding every company will need to achieve when focused on improving and sustaining employee engagement.

Natasha, authored and published her first book “Get Grounded; Stay Grounded” to educate individuals on how to achieve personal branding and development. She published her 2nd book “Unleash Your Millionaire Mindset and Build your Brand” to educate business owners on how to achieve professional branding and business growth.

Over the past 10 years, Natasha has gained recognition as the Executive Professional & Entrepreneur of the Year , noted as one of the 40 under 40 Movers and Shakers in Business by Career Magazine. Presented with recognition as a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Business” by the International Women’s Leadership Association and awarded by the USIEC with the “2013 Georgia Excellence Award in Marketing”.

Through her branding bootcamps, keynotes, talks, training and consulting, Natasha helps companies strategically achieve and retain profitable visual branding, auditory branding and emotional branding. View full details about Natasha on www.NatashaDavisVisionary.com

Host: Jo Dodds

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