Special Guest: Sian Harrington, Co-founder/Editorial Director, The People Space

Sian, now on her 30-year career as a business journalist, she has been lucky enough to meet and interview some of the world’s leading business people, as well as working in both large and small media organisations during hugely transformative times. Her experience has clearly testified to the pivotal role good people practice and continual learning plays in successful and sustainable organisations.

She firmly believes that a positive and productive work culture is beneficial to the individual, organisation, wider economy and society as a whole. She is particularly enthusiastic about the positive impact good people leaders can make to business and humanity, and for this reason left her corporate career in 2016 to set up a new business: The People Space.

The People Space’s vision is to inspire people leaders to seize the future of work through positively promoting the value created by people in a digitally disruptive age when increasingly humans will work alongside machines.

Join us as we talk about the 8 attributes of the future fit HR leader and the need for HR to start investing in itself more.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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