Radio Show #319: Gender Inclusion and Corporate Policy 

Special Guest: Sasha Korobov, internal communications expert and certified coach

Join us as we discuss diversity and inclusion challenges and opportunities in the workplace including:

  • How men actually also suffer due to gender stereotyping in most corporate policies
  • The bad advice that women get to advance their careers (spoiler alerts: career advancement has nothing to do with bringing in cookies and how much lip gloss you wear)
  • How care leave policy, flexible working, and work-life balance are business issues, not just women’s issues.

Sasha Korobov is an internal communications expert and certified coach. She works with businesses and individuals to create happier employees, greater working satisfaction, and more productive workplaces.

When she’s not working with her amazing clients, Sasha is awkwardly learning the ropes of being an American expat in England, hanging out with her cats and her husband, or rocking a nearby Zumba class.

Host: Jo Dodds

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