Special Guest: Roxy Erickson, Director, Sunbeam Studios

Sunbeam Studios is one of the top five photo studios in London. Regular clients include Rihanna, Stella McCartney, Vogue, Victoria Beckham and Tatler.

Sustainable business growth isn’t easy in a small business. This week we’re joined by Roxy Erickson, Captain of Sunbeam Studios, to learn how she did it and became a finalist in this year’s Business Culture Awards for Business Culture Leadership Award and Sunbeam won Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative for Business Culture.

Here’s what the judges said “What Sunbeam are achieving in their industry is impressive. The fact they can do it, be profitable and also at the top of their industry is paramount to how bought in to the project the staff are and how well their clients receive the project.”

From day one, Roxy challenged herself and her team to create a positive work environment that’s cutting edge, profitable and sustainable.

Join us to learn how to take your people and your business on a journey to sustainability AND profitable growth.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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