Special Guest: Stuart Eames – Retail Innovation Lead at Waitrose & Partners

Stuart is a passionate and enthusiastic leader in Innovation, process improvement and lean methodology, working within Waitrose and Partners, a tier one British Grocer. Having spent 16 years running supermarkets and understanding first hand how inefficiency and poor processes lead to employee frustration, Stuart is now leading Retail innovation for Waitrose having delivered £8m savings to date. Stuart specialises in idea management, having launched the Waitrose Partner Ideas scheme, designed to give a voice to the employee and take ideas from grassroots through to delivery. Stuart knows first-hand that harnessing the power of the workforce to solve business problems and using a tried and tested methodology delivers fantastic results.

Many companies choose to solve business problems in silos, how often do you hear that a new idea from the top of your business, lands badly with front end employees? How about reverse engineering that process, engaging front line workers to solve real business friction points, by asking them what needs to be fixed and suggesting ways to do so? Scary? not really. Listen to a case study from Waitrose and Partners explaining exactly that process, how hundreds of ideas are not a bad problem to have and how simple suggestions, executed well can save your business money and raise employee satisfaction in the process.

Join us as we discuss harnessing the power of the workforce to solve business problems

Host: Jo Moffatt

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