Radio Show #342: Mentoring and its Impacts on Employee Engagement 

Special Guest: Ed Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder, PushFar

Ed is the CEO and Co-Founder of PushFar, a mentoring platform leading the way in increasing mentoring accessibility, success, and effectiveness.

He founded this when he was looking for a mentor, he quickly realised he was not alone in the challenge of finding a mentor. The concept of an open network for anyone and everyone to be able to both find a mentor and be mentored by others (and in many cases both) evolved as he teamed up with his co-founder and they started looking at the reality that mentoring was becoming more labour intensive and tricky for organisations too.

Ed now spends his time growing PushFar, and spreading awareness of the real impacts and benefits to both being a mentor and being mentored by others.

Join us as we discuss mentoring and its impact on employee engagement.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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