Radio Show #354: Leadership Communication in Challenging Times 

Special Guest: Rum Ekhtiar: Founder and Partner of Rum & Co.

Rum Ekhtiar, founder and partner of Rum & Co, has worked with Fortune 500 companies like MetLife, Citi and Novartis, providing best-in-class internal communications.

Whether big changes are coming from within (think…WeWork, Thomas Cook, Forever 21) or from the outside world (global pandemic, anyone?), one of the most important ways to manage through difficult changes is by communicating strategically. This begins with how you communicate with your employees. There are a few simple rules: be transparent, make it a two-way dialogue, and never forget that there’s no such thing as “internal communications” anymore.

Rum brings 20+ years of brand and agency leadership experiences with him and a take-no-prisoners approach to finding meaningful strategies, creative solutions, and winning new business. Whether it’s launching a lifesaving vaccine, leading a legacy CPG player into the 21st century with influencer marketing, or repositioning a stodgy insurance company as a (sexy) tech firm,

Join us as we discuss ways to communicate with your employees

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Host: Jo Dodds

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