Radio Show #359: A Round Up of Engagement Themes Discussed in Recent Times 

Special Guests: co-Radio Show Hosts and co-Strategy Directors of EfS, Jo Moffatt, Woodreed & Jo Dodds, Counterpoint Matters & Lorna Leeson, founder of Little Tent

During lockdown Jo M conjured up an idea for providing some practical help and ideas for HR and internal comms practitioners and team leaders struggling with operational, communication and engagement challenges of COVID-19.

HIVE is a series of videos and podcasts addressing questions and challenges that have cropped up over the last few months. We pick out the key themes and talk through some of the examples as they relate to employee engagement.

Jo Moffatt is passionate about brands and the power they have to move people. Equally as passionate about employee engagement. Put the two together and she becomes almost evangelical about the power a well-positioned and consistently delivered brand has as a catalyst for employee engagement.

Jo Dodds background is in HR and Digital and Social Media, Jo now works with business leaders to improve employee engagement in their organisations. Alongside this Jo works with home based coaches and consultants to improve their personal productivity and wellbeing through her brand POWER to Live More and membership site POWER to Live More CALM.

Lorna Leeson builds people solutions for businesses going through change, from logistics to luxury brands to lightening-paced start-ups. She’s held senior leadership HR roles in the UK and internationally. Lorna now runs her own business ‘Little Tent’ because she believes there’s a better way for business to work for people.

Host: Jo Dodds

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