Special Guest: Nicola Ellwood MSc. Executive Leadership Coach and Culture & Communication specialist

What part do our people managers play in the wellbeing, performance and engagement of our people?

A lot. We often hear that phrase ‘there is no such thing as an organisation, it is merely a collective of people all moving towards a common outcome’. How productively we move forward and the success of our outcomes really is down to our people, how engaged, productive and performing they are. And the biggest influencer of that is the line manager.

But how do they actually create engagement – how do they actually do it? What is it in terms of their mindset, their beliefs, their behaviour and their communication that creates engagement within the individuals within their teams? How specifically do they do that, and how can we help our managers do it and enable our organisational outcomes?

During this interview, Communication and Mindset specialist Nicola Ellwood will share exactly what people managers can do to help their teams unlock productivity, performance and lead their people forward with maximum engagement. Nicola is a Master Coach (MSc) and Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP. She coaches leaders to help them create and lead the conditions for engagement within their organisation, whilst supporting managers with the skills to actually be able to do it.

Join us as we discuss how people managers create engagement.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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