Special Guest: James Anderson: CEO | Founder | Employee Engagement & People Analytics Advisor at Peachy Mondays

The world is experiencing a transformational shift. The way we interact with one another and do business has fundamentally changed. The environment that we operate in, as well as the demands of our stakeholders, are evolving at pace, resulting in rapid organisational change and restructuring.

What are the features of organisations that are surviving – or even thriving?

In this informative session, James will share insights from some great employers, large and small, who have demonstrated amazing feats of agility, despite challenging circumstances, including: –

1.       Have a unified purpose
2.       Seek customer insights at every turn
3.       Empower and trust teams
4.       Experiment, fail and learn fast
5.       Don’t be digital laggards

Join us as we discuss how to embrace agility within your organisational effectiveness plans in 2021 and beyond.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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