Special Guest: Ross Thornley: Author, Speaker and Podcast Host; Co-Founder & CEO, AQai – Adaptability Assessments & Coaching

Entrepreneur and ‘AQ’ Pioneer and Author of Moonshot Innovation & AQ Decoded, Ross’s work is opening up new frontiers in HrTech and EdTech. Leveraging conversational AI and predictive analytics, his company’s platform enables people, teams and organisations to successfully navigate accelerating change. His ability to contextualise diverse and complex subjects, inspire and engage audiences makes him a highly sought-after international speaker.

Ross loves building deep, meaningful and collaborative relationships. Leveraging his unique ability; to identify opportunities, articulate them in inspiring ways and motivate teams to solve grand challenges, underpinned the growth and success of his brand and marketing agency.

Join us as we discuss successfully navigating accelerating change.

Host: Jo Dodds

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