Radio Show #429 Shared Reality for Performance – a Communications Opportunity 

Special Guest: Lindsay Uittenbogaard, Director, Mirror Mirror

Lindsay Uittenbogaard’s interest in Employee Communications led her to study the literature, take up various leadership positions in the field, and investigate ways to support a deeper level of shared understanding as relevant to performance. In response, she founded a data-driven approach called Mirror Mirror in 2016. An IABC-accredited Business Communicator, Lindsay studied Music, Journalism, and International Communication Management at postgraduate level, she is a certified member of the CIPD, the Reputation Institute, and is a published author in the Gower Handbook on Internal Communication.

Research shows that more alignment between people in teams, about how they relate to the strategy and interact to deliver, improves effectiveness while reducing cost and risk. Alignment doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to think the same thing, or even agree with each other. Human alignment is when people with shared goals consider their options and commit to taking the best possible course of action together. This presents a huge area for opportunity for employee communication practitioners and their colleagues in related people & performance fields: empowering people at the local level to create a more meaningful shared understanding about their work to deliver together moves away from the all too common world of top-down / silo working, and moves towards relevant, effective and impactful strategy implementation.

Join us as we discuss human alignment.

Host: Jo Dodds

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