Radio Show #473: Reviews Don’t Work 

Special Guest: Michael King: CEO of Teams.Coach, LLC

Michael King, founder, and CEO of TEAMS.COACH, LLC is a highly sought-after Executive and Business Leadership Coach. He helps business leaders clarify and execute at high levels through his proprietary T.E.A.M.S. Methodology to develop measurable business growth and company-wide collaboration. Michael has close to twenty years of hands-on experience, leading teams, and organisations. In the past five years, he worked with a wide range of clients, from solo entrepreneurs to top company executives. Michael has a unique ability to combine critical thinking and a sense of humour which makes his style of coaching a lot more engaging, effective, and digestible through systems, strategies, and structures necessary to navigate business growth and change.

More than 30 years have passed since the development of the famous 360 reviews. Since then, they haven’t changed much although the work culture has completely shifted. 360’s incentivize leaders to focus on the wrong data which leads to wrong decisions in today’s environment. On this episode, Michael will share how focusing on emotional intelligence, leadership teams can achieve measurable results, elevate overall company culture, and make employees more engaged.

Join us as we discuss why reviews don’t work!

Host: Jo Dodds

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