Radio Show #477: Venturing into a New Category of Employee Benefits 

Special Guest: Christina Melling: Co-Founder & CEO of Stipendium

Christina is the CEO of Stipendium, an innovative digital platform with a suite of products that have been carefully built to make dealing with key life events a breeze. Christina started her career in the legal sector where she worked in commercial litigation before embarking on a career change to venture into financial planning. Here, Christina worked as Head of Propositions designing and implementing insurance, investment and pension propositions for clients and employers. With this experience, Christina understands how to assess, design and implement future proofed offerings from a whole of market perspective that are geared towards tackling the gaps in education, innovation and technology.

Christina is passionate about revolutionsing the realm of employee wellbeing. Her approach is forward-thinking as she adapts the tools to address employee wellbeing with facts, behaviours and statistics to align the Employee Value Proposition with the expectations of employers’ varying demographics. Christina’s ambition is to advance the scope of solutions to address employee wellbeing via well-packaged products that are tailored to the masses and for these to allow employers to invest in the lifecycles of their employees in a way that has never been done before.

Join us as we discuss achieving a new era of employee (and employer!) wellbeing.

Host: Jo Dodds

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