Radio Show 494: Your Peak Productivity Plan with Wellbeing at the Centre 

Special Guest: Bianca Best – Chief Digital Officer EMEA, Publicis Groupe, Author & Founder of Flourish Global

Bianca Best straddles the realm of being a senior international executive at the heart of Publicis Groupe, a 110,000+ comms organisation, leading talent initiatives and digital agendas, while running an executive coaching business. 

Bianca coaches clients and teams to unleash their Biggest Impact by removing barriers and encouraging expansion. Specialities include imposter syndrome, authenticity, public speaking, leadership, powerful decision-making, relationships, communication and avoiding burnout through conscious and graceful self-management.

Balancing productivity and wellbeing – how to develop your own peak productivity plan while putting wellbeing at the centre

Against the backdrop of the current debates around the current shift in organisations now seeming to be demanding a return to the office, Bianca and Charlotte will discuss what employers can do to balance wellbeing and productivity, empowering employees to remain at peak productivity wherever they work.

Join us as we discuss what employers can do to balance wellbeing and productivity.

Host: Charlotte Dahl

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