Special Guest: Eamon Tuhami of Motivii.com

Join us as we discuss what’s more important happiness or motivation?

Happiness and motivation are linked, they are both important. But happiness and what impacts it is a much more complex issue. The system of levers that affect motivation is a bit more clear cut, so it’s simpler for all of us as individuals or organisations to concentrate on the things that motivate, rather than figuring out what will truly make someone happy in that particular moment.

We discuss why Motivii focuses on motivation. Because if we can improve it, then we improve happiness, engagement, fulfillment and everything else that you feel once you have achieved something.

Eamon is a digital entrepreneur and angel investor. He’s the CEO of Motivii, an engagement platform that uses data to make work better. Launched in early 2015, Motivii strives to improve motivation and drive engagement in organisations across the world through understanding what motivates individuals and helping them communicate better. Managers receive personalised insight on their own team while senior management get access to powerful anonymised People Analytics, surfacing insights into the whole organisations’s motivation and ways to improve it.

Eamon’s track record includes helping launch Experian’s Consumer Division and growing it into a £100million business and agreeing the first big advertising deal with Facebook in the UK. Eamon has created and run multiple agencies, working with AOL, WGSN, Wonga or VisualDNA. He’s an investor and mentor in a number of London startup businesses including Glisser, Zzish or Driftrock.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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