Special Guest: Richard Manby, UK Managing Director of Bodet Ltd

Richard Manby is the UK Managing Director for Bodet Ltd, the European leaders in Time Management. Richard is passionate about helping organisations find the right Time and Attendance Solution for their specific needs, and ensuring such companies are able to use them to support their employee engagement strategies.

Historically, Time and Attendance Systems have been viewed as something which might have a negative effect on employee engagement, or at the very least, do nothing to further it. Richard will be discussing how the latest hardware and software technology in this field can provide a solution far and ahead of traditional clocking in systems. With smart terminals offering communication capabilities, and additional software functions such as employee self-service, now is the time to consider furthering your engagement efforts by taking advantage of the very latest Time and Attendance Solutions.

Join us as we discuss how modern time and attendance solutions can help to support employee engagement strategies.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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