Special Guest: Hilary Scarlett – speaker, consultant, author and Director of Scarlett & Grey

Work has changed hugely but our brains have not: our brains think they are still out on the savannah. And there’s the challenge. We are trying to get the best out of brains that are not designed to work in the 21st century workplace.

Although neuroscience is still in its infancy, it is already providing significant insights into people, teams and organisations. It brings to light what enables us to be focused, to learn and to perform at our best, especially during times of change and uncertainty. Part of its appeal is that it resonates with people’s experience: it explains why our brains find constant change difficult and distracting. It also underpins the intuitions of good leaders: for example, that having a good relationship with a line manager is not just ‘nice to have’ but enables us to think and work better. It is also relatively easy to apply as neuroscience does not require a revolution in how we work: it provides a new lens through which to look at people and understand their behaviour. It enables us to work effectively: by understanding our brains, we can work with the physiology, not fight it.

Join us as we discuss Hilary’s book Neuroscience for Organizational Change – an evidence-based practical guide to managing change and why all of us will benefit from understanding our brains a little bit better.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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