Special Guest: Warren Fauvel, Founder and CEO, Nudjed

Modern businesses are increasingly run through numbers, following the famous phrase: “What gets measured gets optimised”. But how do you begin to set targets for Staff Engagement when even HR teams struggle to define what “engagement” means?

Join us as we discuss the challenges and opportunities created when organisations begin to quantify the value of staff engagement (or lack thereof). Discussing the impact it can have from board-room, to shop floor and the kinds of initiatives that can be used to create an impact.

Warren is founder and CEO of Nudjed, a disruptive health technology business who work organisations like the NHS to optimise health and wellbeing interventions. An international award winning creative director, Warren set up his first business aged just 22, and has worked with the likes of Google and Virgin Media as a consultant. Warren’s work has won several significant awards including the SXSWi Bootstrap Award (2011).

Host: Jo Dodds

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