Special Guest: Peter Wakefield, Owner of Loving Monday

In the 20 or so years Peter’s been working in the field of employee engagement the single biggest thing he’s learnt is that too many people, leaders or organisations who are looking to drive engagement focus on the wrong word. They spend too much time focusing on the word ‘employee’ and not enough on the word ‘engagement’.

Peter believes that there is no engagement formula, no engagement strategy, no engagement plan that can ‘engage’ us, only people that we can be ‘engaged’ by.

Join us as we discuss that, if you don’t invest in developing your people, particularly people who have accountability, responsibility or influence in driving engagement, organisations will spend all their time, money and resources simply ‘doing’ engagement rather than ‘being’ engaging.

And that’s not what people need, want or recognise as engagement.

As owner of Loving Monday Peter uses his experience of employee engagement to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviour of managers and leaders. Loving Monday also works in partnership with one of the major employee research organisations in the world supporting organisations to develop the infrastructure and tools to measure and improve their performance and save costs.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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